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Fourth International Congress on Dermatological Care for All "Awareness and ResponsAbility"

Aware of the real problems

Fourth International Congress on Dermatological Care





Prevalence and risk factors of wheeze and eczema in one year old children: the Butajira Birth Cohort, Ethiopia, by Y. Belyhun, A. Amberbir, G. Medhin, B. Erko, C. Hanlon, A. Venn, J. Britton, G. Davey

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A framework for Risk Evaluation, by H. Gebrehiwot Moges

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Scabies: Taking ResponsAbility for this Neglected Tropical Disease, by L. Romani

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A colour atlas of diseases of the vulva and perigenital area, by S. Veraldi, C. Francia, V. La Vela, M.C. Persico

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Assessment of ten years experience of Directly Observed Treatment short-course (DOTs) therapy for tuberculosis, by D. Woldeyohannes

Snakebite: a neglected tropical problem, by V. Yates