Guidelines for Authors

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Submit a copy of the manuscript (text, tables, figures with legends) to:

Direzione e Redazione
di “ International Journal of Migration and Transcultural Medicine ”, c/o MNL srl Via Parigi, 2 – 40121 Bologna.

and to e-mail:

The Scientific Committee judge manusripts suitable for publication, and the articles accepted for publication will be subjected to review by experienced referees. If necessary the authors must provide answers and clarifications to the questions of the referees and complete the lacking information on the manuscript.

Form of Manuscript

Title Page: On title page, provide the complete title and a brief title (not to exceed 40 letters and spaces), 3 or 4 key words, list each contributor's name, highest degree, and institutional affiliation. provide the name, address, and telephone number of the contributor responsible for the manuscript and proof. This is the person to whom reprints will be sent.

Abstract : the abstract may have up to 250 words, and if possible, it should be wrote in italian and english. It should summarize the problems presented and describe the studies undertaken, results, and conclusions. Since the abstract must be explicative at the most, the abbreviations must be reduced at least and must be explained. Do not appear the references in the abstract.

The manuscript should be accompanied with a letter in which there must be:

•  the name, address, telephone number, fax and the eventual email, of the author responsible for the manuscript and proof, to whom the correspondence will be sent ;

•  the notice of informed consent from all authors,

•  the notice in which all authors underwrite that the material sent for publication report unpublished work and is not being submitted simultaneously to another publication, on national or international reviews.

The entire manuscript, the references and the figure legends, should be typed double-spaced, using ample margins on standard white heavy-duty bond. All pages should be numbered. The text should be have the numeration of the lines. The authors must attend to the typewriting of the text, the correct spelling, grammar and syntax.

Tex: the text of the manuscript should be in the following sequence:

introduction that describes the matter in object shortly and supplies to the reader one review of the most recent articles on the argument;

methods must give a clear and concise description of the material and/or the subjects uses in the study, must indicate the used instruments and methods and describe the eventual statistics analysis employed;

results : must describe what the study has produced and can be exposed in tables or diagrams or figures, and, if possible, the author(s) must be avoided to rewrite the same results in more ways of presentation.

Tables, graphs, and figures: Cite all tables and figures in the text numbering them sequentially as they are cited. Each figure must have a corresponding legend which must be typed, double-spaced, on separate sheet of paper. Do not attach the legends to the figure. Provide a number and title for each table. Explain all abbreviations, symbols, arrows, numbers, or letter used in the figure and provide information on scale and/or magnification. Each graph should be legible and must have a corresponding data sheet. If the Graph is printed by instruments (as cromatograph, etc), a print very marked must be submitted (if possible a corresponding data sheet must be included).

Discussion of turns out to you must carry also the deducted conclusions the study and must be equipped with bibliographical citations of the more important literature.

Acknowledgments can be write only to an and of the text and must be short. It is possible thank the Institutions and the Organizations that have supplied the financial supports and the names must be written for extensive and the eventual acronyms in parenthesis.

References : may be cited only references present in the text. Cite each reference in the text by senior author's name and year of publication. References must be listed to fine text in the order in which they appear in the text or in alphabetic order.

List all authors when six or less: when seven or more, list only first three and add et al.

same reference citations follow. the reference list should conform to the style used by the National Library of Medicine and Index Medicus . Spell out singleword journal titles and abbreviate all others as shown in the latest edition of the “List of Journals Index in Index Medicus ”. All references must be verified by the author(s).

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