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International Journal of Migration and Transcultural Medicine

Something new in the publishing panorama

Why a new journal?

Because International Journal of Migration and Trancultural Medicine could perhaps represent something new in the publishing panorama for at least two reasons.

The first is its sphere of interest, consisting in all the issues related to the conditions of the people who, for various reasons, move away from their homeland to other countries - immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, exiles, seasonal workers, travellers, tourists – as well as the conditions of the groups of Italian population at risk of marginalization, such as the homeless and the minimum-income pensioners.

The second reason of originality is the variety of the disciplines which will find room and deepening in the journal, ranging from medicine to the social sciences, from anthropology to jurisprudence, from psychology to economy, and history. As things are today, the knowledge and the study of any problem related to the migrants, and particularly as regards the health aspects, cannot be irrespective of an interdisciplinary, though scientific, approach in the wider sense.

In this context, the journal aims at being a referral point for updated, comprehensive and modern surveys of original publications and new achievements in the disciplines dealt with.

A further purpose of the journal is also to diffuse and promote the activities of the International Institute of Medical Anthropological and Social Sciences (I.I.M.A.S.S.), a NGO founded in 2002 and working in the field of the medical research and in the study of the problems related to migratory phenomena and social exclusion. The Institute promotes and supervises the implementation of projects aimed at the study, the prevention, the treatment, the rehabilitation and reintegration in the social tissue - from the medical, social and cultural point of view - of marginalized Italian and migrant people.

The journal will also publish educational and updating texts, reviews, technical notes and the readers' remarks on articles published in the previous issues. All the articles, excluding the letters, will be reviewed by a pool of qualified international referees.

Each issue will also report information on current scientific topics, on the activity of I.I.M.A.S.S. and book reviews. The supplements to the ordinary issues will be monographs or will report congress minutes. Publication of editorials is possible, when requested by the Director and related to articles published in the same issue.


Aldo Morrone

Paola Scardella