IISMAS / Cooperation


Global cooperation for development

IISMAS, in collaboration with local institutions and other scientific institutes, runs several activities in the field of international cooperation, promoting the health of the weakest sections of the population.

To this purpose it promotes the coordination, supervision and realization of scientific cooperation programs about epidemiology, clinic and experimental consultation, educational cooperation and social medicine, in the field of the health treatment of populations in developing countries.

Basing on years of experience at the service of the weakest sections of the population, such as irregular migrants, homeless people, victims of torture, political refugees and victims of human trafficking, we consider fundamental to have a close collaboration with the local institutions in these people's countries of origin, so that we can really invest on their human development.

Our projects are related to various areas in the world and with them we want to give our contribution, to the best of our possibilities, to the achieving of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, our activities of heath promotion have the objective of reducing child mortality rates, improving maternal health and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. These activities are integrated by others, elaborated with a global approach centered on the human being and aiming at:

- eradicating extreme poverty 

- achieving universal primary education 

- promoting gender equality and empowering women 

- ensuring environmental sustainability 

- developing a global partnership for development 

The Sustainable Development Goals are reciprocally strengthening and, like the human rights, universal, indivisible, interdependent and interconnected.