Since 2003 IISMAS, in collaboration with San Gallicano Institute, Rome, has been involved particularly in Ethiopia, in projects regarding assistance, treatment, research and formation for health workers in several hospitals and health centres in the Country, with the purpose of supporting the development of better life conditions for the local population.


With the support of Tigray’s Health Bureau and the Presidency of the Federal State of Ethiopia, the Association coordinated all the activities of the Italian Dermatological Hospital of Quihà, Makallè. IISMAS has committed itself to bear all the costs for the functioning of the Structure and to provide scientific and formative support for the realization of the activities of research, diagnosis, treatment and formation of the local health workers.


Collaboration with the Tigray's Health Bureau continued in subsequent years along with the National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty (NIHMP) in order to contribute to the improvement of the health conditionsof the population of the Tigray region by enhancing the care, diagnosis and prevention of infectious and diffuse diseases in support of the public health service of the Mekelle district, with particular regard to the fight against AIDS and dermatological diseases such as complications of pathologies pre-existing and neglected.

Together with the Ethiopian NGO TIHDA, IISMAS has supported the clinical activities of the Italian Dermatological Centre (IDC) located at the University Hospital of Mekelle (Ayder Hospital). IISMAS after the creation and initiation of this health center, has made it available to the local health authorities who now manage it directly.


The commitment to improving the health of the population of the Tigray region continued and in early 2009, in collaboration with the Tigray Regional Health Bureau (TRHB), the IISMAS Onlus Association and the Tigray Italian Human Development Association (TIHDA ) an agreement was signed for the construction, equipment and operation of a Department of Pediatrics and Maternity with an admission residence for doctors at the Adigrat Hospital in the Far North of Tigray, Ethiopia, to a few Miles from the border with Eritrea.

The project was funded by an Italian private donor who expressed the will to support the creation of a health care facility in Tigray to meet the health needs of the most disadvantaged groups in the local population, such as women and children.

The choice to strengthen the Adigrat Hospital with the new Department was carried out by the Tigray Regional Health Bureau (TRHB), based on the priorities set by the local government to continue improving the services network and promoting public health. The Hospital, although having a basin of estimated use in about 1 million people (most of whom are under 18), lacked a real department dedicated to nursing-infant care.

After the successful construction of the new Maternity and Pediatric Department of Adigrat City Hospital in Ethiopia, thanks to the funding of an Italian philanthropist, Mario Maiani, in September 2010 IISMAS Onlus, the Tigray Regional Health Bureau (TRHB) Ethiopian NGO TIHDA signed a "Collaboration Agreement for the Construction and Operation of Distrikt Mario Maiani of Sheraro (Tigray, Ethiopia)". The construction of this Hospital, the only one for the population of a large area, began in 2011 and ended in 2014. See the history of the construction of the new hospital.
After the inauguration of the new District Hospital Mario Maiani of Sheraro we continued to support its activities through the realization of several projects: we proposed a project to Otto per Mille of the Waldensian Church for the "Strengthening the activities of Sheraro Hospital in Ethiopia" and thanks to the contribution, we have made an important contribution to achieving the goal of building global health and an imaginary bridge between Rome and Africa. See the results of the new project


In order to implement these purposes, in May 24th, 2004, May 20th, 2005 and May 15, 2006 IISMAS organized three concerts at Auditorium Parco della Musica and at Università La Sapienza, Rome, all conducted by Federico Longo and performed by the Sächsische Kammerphilharmonie Orchestra and the Adicris Orchestra, and the pianist Ana-Marija Markovina. As the concerts were a great success, IISMAS wishes to revive these initiatives every year and set up a tradition in order to continue the support of the social, medical and educative activities inEthiopia.


IISMAS cooperates with the NGO SHUKRODAYA ANIMATION CENTRE in India, at a project that was started in 1985. The Centre is working in the field of assistance, support and education of the homeless children and of the children from needy families in the city of Mysore. It also supports formative activities on health with a comparative approach with the Indian medical holistic tradition.              


In the year 2005 IISMAS promoted, in collaboration with “Proyecto de Expediciones Medicales” in Perù, a project on research and medical intervention against the dermatological diseases affecting the natives from Peruvian Amazzonia, Belen district and a few villages along the Tahuayo river. Poverty, poor hygienic conditions and periodic floods of the river facilitate the arising of various cutaneous diseases. Several diseases have been noticed such as scabies, deep and superficial mycoses, allergic dermatitis, eczemas, leishmaniasis, vitiligo, psoryasis, actinomycosis, warts, melanomas, cutaneous complications from HIV and other numerous diseases whose diagnosis can hardly be done without adequate analysis. A campaign for the reduction of the leishmaniosis in the city of Iquitos is now going to start and IISMAS has given its contribute to buy the necessary drugs and to draw up the corresponding project. The project also provides for the gathering of the clinical data required both for measuring the prevalence of the disease and the result of the medical intervention.               


In the years 2003 and 2004 IISMAS participated at the implementation of the European project “Stop Female Genital Mutilations: a European Strategy”, whose principal partner was the Municipalityof Rome– XVIII Department for Security Policy, within the European Daphne Program. IISMAS cooperated with San Gallicano Hospital at the organization of the training seminars “Stop FGM: a European Strategy”, carried out in Rome, on 5th July and on 10th – 11th December, 2004.  


Since September 2004 IISMAS has been part of the net of associations that are members of  the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights. This net if formed by 48 associations and organizations  working in the field of human rights in order to promote in Italy the creation of a National Independent Institution for the protection and the promotion of the fundamental human rights, with the help of an ad hoclegislation. IISMAS participated in the working group that have elaborated a SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT AT THE REPORT OF THE ITALIAN GOVERNMENT ON THE APPLICATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT ON ECONOMICAL, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL RIGHTS (1966), DEBATED AT THE UNITED NATIONS COMMITTEE – Geneva – from 8th to 26th November,2004. In particular, the Association elaborated the part concerning the right to health inItaly.


On January 2005 IISMAS participated in the work of the XXXII Session of United Nations Committee for CEDAW with a document on Health and Gender Differences in Italy.


IISMAS helped to implement a formative way on transcultural medicine for social, medical and non medical workers, Italian and foreigners, in collaboration with Assessorato per la Famiglia e i Servizi Sociali della Regione Lazio, through the organization of the 8th, 9th and 10th International Course of Transcultural Medicine, carried out at San Gallicano Hospital from 2003 to 2005. The programmes of the Courses are available on web site page http://www.iismas.it/index.php/ita/Formazione



IIMSAS cooperate with the University of Buenos Aires at a programme of formative exchange for medical doctors experts in the international dermatology.


Contributes to realize an educational programme for linguistic-cultural mediators, in collaboration with San Gallicano Institute, within the “Pilot project for the training of linguistic-cultural mediators, to be employed in activities of information and guidance in the social and health care fields for the benefit of the immigrant population, as well as in the activities of counselling for the realization of the informative social and health transcultural services for the health promotion of the migrant populations”, financed by the Ministry of Labour and of Social Policies for the year 2004. Moreover it contributes to coordinate the employment of 40 linguistic-cultural mediators in internship activities with various health institutions, and in other social and informative public andr private organizations.


Has organized, in cooperation with San Gallicano and with the Special Committee for the Right to vote to be granted to immigrants, the meeting/debate “Our Future between North and South of the World”, at the Sala Carroccio of Rome Campidoglio (Town Hall) in June 16th, 2004, together with the foreign candidates elected in the Rome Municipality.


Has organized, in cooperation with San Gallicano Institute, Lazio Region, Rome Province and the Di Liegro Foundation, the XI and XII International Workshop “Culture, Health, Migration” held at the CNR (National Research Council), respectively under the titles A eulogy of "taking care"in October 25-28, 2004, and "llness and care: a matter of synonyms and antonymsin

October 24-27, 2005. These Congresses are organized under the aegis of the Presidency of the Republic, the Chambers of Parliament, various Ministries, Universities, national and international Scientific Societies, are attended by an audience of over 300 participants, and always have a large coverage by the media.


In the years 2002, 2003 and 2004 has organized theoretical and training courses at the Professional Institute for Social Services Operators in Via dei Genovesi, Rome.


Has collaborated with San Gallicano Institute to the realisation of the meeting “From the Andes to the Appenines – The cultural mediation between the necessities of the present and the potentialities of the future”, held in October 30th, 2002  in Rome. In that occasion certificates of “linguistic-cultural mediator for the social and health area” were given to the persons who had completed the training course, according to the project co-financed by the Department of Social Policies of the Ministry of Welfare, concerning the realization of a “Service of guidance and counselling in the social and health area”.


Has collaborated with San Gallicano Institute, at the organization of the XIII International Workshop “Culture, Health, Migration:Medicine and health, a story of mediation, to be held at the CNR, October 20-23,2006.