The Association in particular aims at promoting and treating:


  • the realization of activities aiming at the research, the prevention, the treatment, the rehabilitation and the reinsertion in the social system of the marginalized migrants, both under the medical and the socio-cultural profile, in the South and in the North of the world;
  • all forms of cultural initiatives and promotions suitable for helping and supporting activities of education, update, improvement, sensitization of the research in the field of medicine, marginalization and the social sciences concerning the health and social area;
  • the realization of a specific medical journal of international studies, together with the publication of surveys, research, education and update texts, publications and audiovisual aids, all with the purpose of more and more expanding on the issues related to the analysis and the study of the research in the area of medicine, marginalization, human and social sciences;
  • the pursuit of its own social aim, also availing itself of forms of collaborations with other national and international institutions through the drawing-up of suitable contracts and agreements;
  • the participation in meetings, congresses, seminars and the like, organized in Italy and abroad by the Association or other structures, regarding promotion, expanding and updating both on the issues of solidarity and assistance, and on the methods aimed at working out solutions to them;
  • the development of activities of professional training, update, improvement and information for the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school as well as for a larger range of beneficiaries, in particular the young, the women, the migrants, within EU international, national or local projects;
  • the organization and development of all the appropriate services for the integration of the migrant population in the social community;
  • the coordination, supervision and realization of scientific cooperation projects concerning epidemiology, medical and experimental advice, educational and socio-medical activity in the area of health care of the populations in the developing countries.