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Skin on the Move: Dermatological Diseases and Global Health

6th International congress

Skin on the Move: Dermatological Diseases and Global Health




First Announcement


The International Institute of Social, Medical and Anthropological Sciences (IISMAS) in collaboration with the San Gallicano Institute organizes the 6th International congress:


Skin on the Move

Dermatological Diseases and Global Health

20 -25 November 2017

Addis Ababa – Mekelle - Aksum – Shiraro

Welcome Session: November 20 in Addis Ababa

Opening Session: November 21- 22 in Mekelle

Subsequent Sessions: November 23-24-25 Aksum - Shiraro - Aksum


Dear  Colleagues and Friends,


We are back again in Ethiopia, the country where we have been for over 30 years.

We have been collaborating here with local institutions in the field of public health in order to improve the state of healthcare and access to it for the most vulnerable people.  Over the last five years we were able to observe many changes.

The sixth year of our work here will be a further opportunity to see developments in our committed in partnership with local institutions, our activities in border areas beyond the big cities, where access to healthcare  is a challenge.

The Congress will be an “International Congress Outside the Borders” in order to study and debate crucial questions about Dermatological Diseases and Global Health beyond the North and South of the world.

We will discuss it in Mekelle the capital town of the Tigray Region, and afterwards in the borders area between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.

We are pleased to invite all of you to participate in this international meeting, to share our experiences in the public health sector, and our accomplishments in several of our projects in Ethiopia.

We invite you to come to Ethiopia for the 6th annual meeting of the International Congress‘Skin on the Move – Dermatological Diseases and Global Health’ which will be held in Addis Ababa, Mekelle, Aksum and Shiraro between 20 – 25 Nov. 2017.

The Congress is open to dermatologists, health professionals, anthropologists, sociologists, journalists and all specialists interested in promoting and supporting research, strengthening primary healthcare systems, studying the socio-political and cultural contexts, improving collaboration with local communities and health workers in shared action plans in a country where poverty-related diseases are more widespread and neglected.

The scientific program will consist of clinical sessions, which will be held in local public facilities in remote areas, workshops, state-of-the-art lectures and free presentation by distinguished experts from all over the world.

Meeting with local communities, observing the geopolitical context and the latest socio-cultural events, will also be an important part of the Congress, in order to share ideas and impressions and to deepen our collective knowledge of different situations.

The Congress will be an opportunity to discover the hospitality, history and beauties of a particularly interesting country.

We hope therefore that you will find this Congress attractive both for its scientific program and for its social aspects.


See you in Ethiopia!


Aldo Morrone


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Call for Preliminary Title

Participants are invited to submit a preliminary title on research and findings relevant to the topics identified above, including reports from observational, process-based research and experimental and modelling studies of past, present and future change in Dermatological diseases and Global Health.

Preliminary titles for proposed oral and poster presentation (including author names) should be forwarded to the Congress organizers at skinonthemove2017@gmail.com

Deadline for it is in 15 September, 2017.  Selection of oral and poster presentations will take place and speakers as well as presenters will be informed by 15 October, 2017.



If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to skinonthemove2017@gmail.com  for a preliminary (non-binding) registration.

This will ensure that you receive further information and the definitive program of the Congress as it becomes available.